Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today was the second day of school - I picked the boys up and started asking them how their day was. Elijah usually tells me about how they played on the monkey bars all day - (I know their new school isn't as great as their old, but I have a feeling they do a little more than the monkey bars.) Isaiah always fills me in on who got in trouble that day. I asked Isaiah if he knows the little girls' names who sit on either side of him. He told me that he didn't yet, but that one of them always acted crazy. "Well, sometimes she acts really crazy and then she's fine, then she's crazy, then she's fine." After a short pause, Elijah yells from the back - "That's like you mom!"
"oh yeah," Isaiah said, "She acts like you."
I didn't even know how to respond to that....

Sunday, April 06, 2008

In a Nut Shell

As the title of my blog says "Life Happens" and that is why it has been four months since I've blogged last. But I'm going to stop apologizing and just blog when I can for now! After all, I apologize for enough in my life!!
It has been a quick spring here in the 'burg - lots of changes around our house and with our business. God has been amazing and just when we thought he had forgotten us, He shows His love and provisions for us in a huge way. We have officially bought our house - which is exciting, daunting, and scary all at the same time. EJ and Ty's birthdays are coming up so we are planning two big parties for my soon to be 6 and 1 year old. Both of the big boys are in baseball - which I love, but they are both in two different leagues this year which means multiple days a week at the fields...with a one year old. We'll see how that goes! Spring Break is just around the corner, and the little ones and I are headed south. My mom is flying up to help us drive down, where we will spend a sun filled week in Florida. I can't wait to see my family down there, I miss them so much, and it has been four months since we have seen them. That's about all I have time for this morning we have to start getting ready for church - I love our church! I'll have to write more about that later, but for now you can check it out at www.brentwoodchurch.org

Monday, December 10, 2007

The "Real" Santa and Titus

The "Real" Santa and Titus, originally uploaded by aimeeblanks.

This is the bravest of my three, the only one of my boys who will go near Santa. Isaiah won't even wave anymore because, "That's not the real Santa mom, it's just one of his helpers that dress up like him." Elijah will wave, but that's about it. I guess only one Blanks boy will get what he wants this year...isn't that how it works?!...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Isaiah, Ashton, and Elijah

Isaiah, Ashton, and Elijah, originally uploaded by aimeeblanks.

The Power Rangers are mine, and the Transformer is their friend Ashton.

Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy, originally uploaded by aimeeblanks.

Titus a.k.a. "Monkey"

Landon and I

Landon and I, originally uploaded by aimeeblanks.

I have no time to shower much less blog, but I will keep trying...
Here's a picture of Landon and I on Halloween. I don't know what was up with the flash, it gave our faces a lovely shade of blah!
We had a blast hanging out at a friend's house while all our kids played. I was so excited to hand out candy for the first time ever, and all of five kids came by! Oh well, maybe next year. Isaiah has decided he's not tricker treating next year, I guess he thinks he is too old?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK so three kids is kicking my tail!!! Maybe one day soon I'll get back on here!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Gorgeous Boy

Gorgeous Boy, originally uploaded by aimeeblanks.

Took Ty for his 4 month check up this morning - he weighs 16 1/2 lbs!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bad Boy, Bad Boy, Whatcha Gonna Do

What a day! My five year olds pediatrician finally put him on a preventative medicine for his asthma - I was so relieved, only to go to Target and find out it costs $117 a month (WITH INSURANCE!)! Yeah, we are going to have to figure something else out. Not that I want to put a price tag on my son's health, but surely there is a better (and cheaper) way.
My sweet, sensitive, six year old has started lying lately. I was beginning to think he had some hidden personality that we didn't know about and was worried he was going to lead a life of crime, when I luckily talked to a few friends with six year olds and found out theirs are doing the same thing...(sigh of relief) So I'm not so worried anymore that we'll see him on COPS on one day.
And the little one just fought me for an hour and twenty-two minutes to go to sleep. I fed him changed him, sang to him, put him in his crib....he cooed for about two minutes then started to scream. I tried to let him cry for a few minutes then thought, "what if he needs to burp?"-picked him up, no burp, did the mommy sway for a few more minutes as he fidgeted the whole time..because HELLO he's tired! Put the baby boy back in his crib, immediately got the lip as he proceeded to let me know he was not happy. Let him cry for about ten minutes, changed him (again) rocked him, put him back down. Now he was really mad. I tried to rub his belly and talk to him. He smiled at me as he was crying...you little rat! He sooo knows how to work his momma. I finally had to let him cry it out. Oh and during this my sweet hubby comes home from running errands, hears him crying, comes in and says,"Momma! Why is he crying!"
I feel like saying, "Well I pinched him, and I'm pretty sure he's hungry and has a poopy diaper. I'm trying to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter and just didn't feel like attending to him right now..." But I refrained, because I know that we are all a sucker for that pitiful cry and pouty lip, and plus my husband is just too sweet to be sarcastic to......yeah right!